Graduation Day

Inspired by some 1980s rock song

Graduation Day! A reflection of the years stained with blood, sweat and tears.

There were tears in their eyes. A piece of paper, a heart full of hope; they threw their hats Goodbye.

It was no ordinary day, THERE, an answer shining bright, took them by surprise.

Sixteen years of listen and learn, 16 seconds and they couldn’t get their damn name right!

Deep down they made a people proud, had distinctions even stood out from the crowd.

If only they could smile aloud, steady their trembling lips and dry their snout, drain back tears into their spout,

They would fight out! The devil that standing in the way of faith and doubt.

“What’s that you studied?” is the question they be asking like you was still in a lesson.

Even folk from their study, say “shut the trap up boy, go learn your lesson”.

Ten years you’re grinding still dreaming of a black mansion,

While you’re earning a minimum wage cut back with no pension.

You wake up early to serve a life sentence in a place you call your office,

Pulling up behind two-bars that dented your life savings beyond the surface.

Was graduation worth it or should you have dropped out when you still had it?

Taken a chance on genius, gone to the states, took on the American dream and lived it?

You’ll never know until you stick with it, live with it, until YOU BE IT!

Though we search for a moment to cling to… they seem to be too few to find.

In the span of one life, in the dimness of night, we search for a meaning in life.

It was the best day of their lives. Still the best day of our lives.

I dedicate this to millions of environmental graduates out there dedicated to service in nature, sustainability and development. Those whose hopes are still lingering as they try to make the best of everyday life. Those that are shattered, bruised, rejected and even trampled by the jobs industry. Those whose candle of hope have stopped burning. The last glimmer of hope is yet another step away from the faith you have. We’re looking forward to our best days… #stayalive


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