To Dream. A precursor to large living

Your eyes can only see what your heart believes. Take for example if you design an experiment where a number of people step out of the same door into a vast landscape full of everything imaginable, and their duty was to tell you what they see when they walk out.

It is inevitable that the mind will already create an image of what it will see, what it hopes to see, what it has seen before and maybe perhaps, even what you actually see. These images are fortunately or unfortunately limited by first by our experiences and secondly by our beliefs.

My boy always dreams of being superman, and idea that the mother doesn’t seem to have quite an appetite for. I… wanna be superman! Change the world by doing one good deed a a time. Superheroes are the world’s escapist solution from the bad we see in our world today: soaring crime rates in cities, war, cancer, death, alienation within our race, distrust, you name it!

However, it is within this same length of imagination that we will be able to impact our world. The good old book of adages “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” says: Begin with the end in mind. What do you want to see, how do you want it to be? This is one thing that nobody can take away from our lives, the ability to dream!

That said, I must confess that for most people; and I stand to be corrected here, dream much less that we used to, simply because we feel it is not in good social standing to do so. A dreamer, like Joseph of the Bible, is considered idealistic and high-minded, unable to articulate the day to day tasks. It is almost glorified not to dream. One of the things I find interesting with my scanty dreams is first I hardly remember them with crystal clarity and second, even when I remember, I cannot quite make sense out of them and they are quickly swept away by the dazzling of the day.

To dream is to live eternally! You can only be the best of the version you see of yourself most of the time. If you think you’ll be a great musician, a great poet, an outstanding leader, an orator, a great environmentalist, the greatest pilot, you name it, you will be! And I set no limitations here since our experiences are our own and no one else’s.

In my minds eye, I see a future where people rid themselves of selfishness, self-centredness. I see a society where love abounds. One where brother to brother talk to each other with no ills, mother and father are reconciled and the family can face each other without unnecessary baggage. I see a world where people care about the earth, they turn off their taps when they are not using them, they switch of lights to experience the dark, solar is used by choice even though fossil energy abounds, the carbon footprints of our society is something we no longer discuss and we share our lives, energy and resource with the less fortunate in society. I see a people who are not driven by greed, but a protectorate interested in the fair distribution of the wealth, opportunities abound, joblessness will be a thing of the past and hard work is rewarded. I see rural communities wallowing in abundance on biodiversity for their livestock and wildlife, no more thoughtless stoning of birds from the sky, a land productive rewarding its stewards with ripe crop at the end of every season as the songs of harvest time fill the dark hollows of the night-sky. I dream of a time when WORLD ECONOMICS will not be a ploy to impoverish the nations by the invisible hand but a balanced system that will make the poor richer and the rich content. I dream of a complete overhaul where people are bonded to nature, nature to the creator and creator to people in a string of harmonic cadences.

This my friends, wakes me up every single day and make me find my way to work on my two wheels as I sing in my heart, listen to the wind, and thank God for the opportunity of being able to interact with my space from a different angle and pace. It is the same for you if you only DREAM.

Dream, dream, dream! There are no limitations to who you can be. Dream, dream, dream. A prince, a god, a lion or a bear you will see. And if you can print the pieces of the the puzzle from A to Z, within the pieces you will find yourself, the lovely person you were meant to be!

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