Toothpaste – Stops Twerking

A cyclist indeed! I love the wordsmith in this!

A Cyclist and his Whisk

_MG_3949 copyToothpaste, an evolutionary invention after our ancestors got tired of using chicken bones as toothpicks to dislodge splinters in their teeth from using twig-toothbrushes (I take that back, I actually enjoy a good ‘mswaki‘ now and again for whatever teeth I have left). 

Toothpaste not only whitens, and strengthens, and protects, but, also stops involuntary twerking on the saddle. A hack I came across a while back when I bought a used 1970’s touring Swiss Mondia. A one of kind. First Touring Mondia. Alu 7005. 30 days heat treated. Art & Craft all in one. So artistic their impressionist effort however, that this first of its kind was left with the seat tube allowance too wide for the corresponding seat post.

That being said, the Mondia was my first love. The frame was as light as Froomeys smile and as determined as his blatant single minded ambition to be the…

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