A – Team 2008 + 8 years later: An excerpt from my journal

I stumbled upon one of my journal entries and it is time for a renaissance! A reminder of where we come from. Read on!

What’s the journey like…. Wednesday 31st October 2007

A-Team 2008 from left Andama, Chris, Alex, Pauline, Felix, Kenya ambassador to Germany, Betty, Atsango, Paul, Kinuthia, Dan

Being the last day of the month, it is very interesting for me and also after a long wait, I am finally in Diguna. I was so looking forward to this day but it is eventually here with me. A bit about my expeditions and how I got here…

I went for the Standard Chartered marathon on Sunday where I ended up among the top 100 :-), I reckon and I find it very exciting. I did it in 27.31 minutes but I doubt if the distance I ran was 10Kms. Anyway, I did it. Monday was interesting because I had to help out a friend of mine (Victor) with his car at the garage, it is also the vehicle that was to be used for ferrying me on my Journey to Diguna but guess what? Everything managed not to work out but eventually I got a taxi from Carnivore area which ferried me to Diguna for 800 Kenya Shillings… a raw deal but what to say!

7pm Diguna here I am! What’s the team like? Felix… ex – Word of Life fella of mine, Tony… very charming inviting guy who took upon himself to show me the details of where I belonged, Geoffrey… my Khumundu from Western, Betty… the one lady that night, Paul… from Diguna Tinderet station, Dan of course… the coordinator of A – Team 2008, Alex from Oyugis and Alfred from Uganda.

Things have been quite intense as we are introduced to the A – Team. We’ve watched a few movies and discussed namely The Gods must be Crazy and also Coach Carter. Is God Crazy is the big Q! Vision and mission is another thing that we are being pushed towards, am I finding it exciting? I think it is getting more exciting than I thought it would be right from the beginning! What is my vision towards this team, what is God calling me to accomplish? One thing I am very sure about is that God is calling me to use music and my skills in playing guitar, writing songs and even offering administration and leadership to this team. The specific of this vision is still yet to be clearer. What is my wider vision? What do I want to accomplish? What is my aim?

At the moment I am only hoping that God will lead. I really don’t know what God wants to accomplish through me but I am keeping the odds and ends open. I believe I want to influence the community, to alleviate their situations through providing them with means of getting their education as a way to their self – actualization process. I also often feel that I need to go back to school and study as to sharpen my knowledge in community development, international relations and Energy Management as a way of working to develop Kenya.

I write this vision and hold it closely to my heart as I continue in the Journey.

I had this opportunity to work with an amazing group-of-10 in 2007 – 2008. 8 years down the road, I now understand my mission, at least most of the time!

By then I know all of us had questions. What am I supposed to be? Why am I here? I am indebted to this group of friends, who were there in between life’s dynamics over 2007 – 2008. They taught me endurance, hard work and team work counts. I am glad to know that we are all destined for greatness. Never lose site! Always love ya’ll. This one’s for you!

And to the Lovely Wife I found! In season…2 kids later, still going strong.

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