Road to Amboseli
Road to Amboseli

Everybody loses their groove at one time or the other. It’s LOST then one starts to wonder what happened over the years. You interrogate your formal work, your relationships, your actions, your age, in the quest of harnessing a reason – or rather an excuse – as to why the good old MOJO don’t work no more!! Some rattle back like a spring under tension, some vacillate between MOJO and NO-MOJO, while some lose it like a rubber-band-lost-tensile-strength – they just can’t do it!

C.S. Lewis thinks that you are never too old to dream a new dream! That’s valid! Wake up though, because you will need to live the new dream.

My tumultuous life is without a dull moment, even in the prodigious paucity in my blogging, there have been questions ranging from the mundane ‘complicated’ to ‘extraordinarily complex’! The simple work I started off as balancing forage (grass) and animal numbers (wildlife and livestock) seems to have been overtaken by pressures on land – it’s sustainability, it’s use, it’s management, and productivity – just but to touch a tip of the ice berg.

Over the last one year, I have had innumerable experiences of ecstasy and depression in the same step when observing natural resources management. Interestingly, both can be strongly attributed to social dimension – the human will – which I’ll delve into.

In order to bring a lasting change, there needs to be a complete change in people’s attitude, in order to achieve that, there needs to be a change in ‘men’, and this gets interesting. “The world is in need of better men” insinuates that there are not nearly enough out of the 7 billion people trotting around the planet. An environmental writer wrote and said that the greatest natural resource dilemma is that the people who are willing to bring the changes in natural resource management are not able to so (due to limitation in finances, social, and political connections), while those who are able to do not.

In the rangeland rangelands today, the greatest issues rotate around good management, at a global, national and local levels. Regardless of the skills available at our disposal, continual land resource degradation still persists. Lack of cohesive plans are leading to incompatible land-use, subdivision which leads to fragmentation, less primary productivity, less production leading sustained livelihoods and food insecurity. Technological development may also be promising more than it will be able to deliver especially with the conversion of grazing lands to farmlands, which also comes with fences that are barricading wildlife migration routes, and necessitating wildlife corridors, which may ultimately be closed.

I must confess that many times I compromise my individualism and ideals faced with grim circumstances but, it is ultimately imperative for each of us first to hold on to strong environmental values, as simple as Reducing, Reusing, Recovering and Recycling. As abstract as they may seem, each one of these can be applied directly to our waking and sleeping.

Getting your Eco-MOJO on! I’m working on getting mine back.


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